FAQ - Classes
Yes. If a class has no openings, you can still select the ‘Sign Up Now’ button to add yourself to the waiting list. Once you are on the waiting list, check back frequently to keep track of your schedule to see if you have been added to the class.
No. To ensure the respect and privacy of our students we do not allow others to drop in to watch our classes; however, if you would like more information, you can either schedule an appointment to stop by and speak to someone in our staff or visit us during one of our open house events.
We are pretty sure you going to want to come again and again, but if you cannot use up all the classes in your package within one month we recommend paying as you go.
No. Your class will end at its scheduled time. We generally schedule our classes back to back and if we run over the allotted time, the rest of our classes will be delayed -- which would be an inconvenience to both our staff and other clients.  
All classes must be canceled 12 hours prior to scheduled time. Canceling your class in advance allows your fellow classmates on the wait list the opportunity to get into a classes in your absence. If you are unable to cancel your class in time, you will forfeit your class. Unlimited Members: you will be responsible for the FULL price of the class and the charges will be billed to the credit card we have on file. Living Social® /Groupon ®/E.W.O. Specials: you will be responsible for a $9.99 fee or forfeiture of your voucher.
No. All our packages are non transferrable and intended to be used by one person.
No. Our classes can be used at any of our locations.
Yes. Both our pole and Booty Aerobics™ classes can be mixed and matched with the purchase of our 8 or 12 session packages.
All classes and/ or packages must be used with 30 days from the of date of purchase.
If you’ve cancelled your class in agreeance with our cancellation policy, the credit for the class(es) will be returned to your Exotic Workouts account. After the class credit(s) have been credited back to your account, you will have until the original expiration date (30 days from date of purchase) to use it.
In the event that Exotic Workouts cancels a class, the credit for the class(es) will be returned back to your Exotic Workouts account. After the class credit(s) have been credited back to your account, you will have until the original expiration date (30 days from date of purchase) to use it. There must be a minimum of 2 people in a pole fitness class and 3 people in a Alternative Fitness class for the class to continue as scheduled. Though we try not to cancel any of our classes, Exotic Workouts reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel classes within 12 hours notice.
Yes. We’d love to create additional classes, just as long as there is a minimum of four students. The class will be open to the public.
Pole fitness classes can be combined with Chair Dancing,Booty Aerobics™, Climbs&Inverts, Sultry Vixen, Sexi Flexi or any other classes we offer. *When scheduling classes, you must stay within your level. (Example: Pole Virgins cannot register for a pole cheetah class)
For pole fitness classes we recommend wearing shorts, high heels and a T-shirt. Tights are acceptable, but not preferred. Please avoid body lotion as this will cause you to slip and possibly fall. For Booty Aerobics™ , Rockin Body™, Abs Blast™, we recommend wearing standard workout gear and sneakers. High heeled shoes are not permitted.

FAQ - Pole Parties
The remaining balance must be paid 24 hours prior to the start your pole party.
Bring them all! We do not put a limit on how many guests you can invite.
We allow up to 15 minutes before your scheduled party time to come in and set up.
We hope you’re ready to party! Click the button below and let us know the date, time, and studio you’d like to have your party. We will then email you back letting you know if the date, time, and location is available. Once we’ve acknowledged  your request, you’ll need to go online to our online store and make your $100.00 deposit. After you deposit is received, we will send you a confirmation that your pole party has been been booked.  
No. Unfortunately, pole party deposits are non-refundable.
Yes. We recommend booking a 90-minute party for larger groups.
Yes. There’s an additional 50.00 for an extra pole.
Yes. There’s an additional 50.00 to keep the pole overnight.
Yes. Popcorn ceilings are fine and there shouldn’t be any damage to the ceiling.
On location parties includes an instructor, the pole, music, boas, and lighting.
Unfortunately, poles can only be set up on a flat ceiling/surface.
We recommend booty shorts, heels, and a sexy top. Costumes are encouraged.



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