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Real results from clients who were transformed from the inside out by the Exotic Workouts experience.

“Before I had kids I was relatively active person. I went to the gym a few times a week and occasionally did yoga, but I never considered myself to be ‘athletic’. In a bit of a whirlwind, I fell in love, got married, and had four kids in four years. The last two pregnancies I was not allowed to exercise and I gained more than 50 pounds each time! It became difficult for me to look in the mirror. I had given up on ever being in shape again. I had to do something! I decided to try pole fitness with the goal of losing weight, getting stronger, and trying to feel sexy again. I found a few places close to my house and for a week I tried classes at each location. I very quickly realized that Exotic Workouts was going to be the only one for me. The instructors are not only incredible athletes and artists in their own right, but they are also some of the most patient and inspiring teachers I have ever had in my life. Their kindness, patience and encouragement helps to create such a supportive and friendly environment. My goals have already been reached and surpassed within 2 and half months. I lost all of my pregnancy weight- plus an extra 5 pounds! A total of 25 pounds! I am in the best shape of my life and I have never felt so powerful or flexible. I feel truly sexy. My confidence has totally sky rocketed! Working out at exotic workouts has changed me forever and I will be forever grateful to have found it!”
– Cream

“After procrastinating my weight loss journey for so long, I decided to try pole fitness with Exotic Workouts; best decision ever. Here at Exotic Workouts, you don’t just exercise… you get a chance to truly enjoy yourself while building your confidence and you become a part of a wonderful group of women. When you feel like giving up, there’s always somebody next to you giving you that extra push to get through each workout. So, if you want to have fun while becoming the woman you’ve always dreamed of Exotic workouts is the place for you.”
– Chanel

“Ever since I started with EWO, my body has changed! I’m getting back to the old me. I first started with only one pole class a week, and I got hooked. Then I did further research on EWO’s alternative classes and I got into Booty Aerobics. Just hearing the name had me interested. Doing my pole class and a booty class combined, I noticed a quick difference in my body. I started getting lean fast! When I thought I wanted more I pushed in a Rockin Body class. This was one of the best decisions I could have made. I now have created a total body formula that fits my body, life, and busy schedule. I’m consistently asked what have I done or what am I doing for my body to dramatically change so much. I love to share my EWO secret with everyone that asks. I even get asked if I’ve had any surgical procedures! LOL! I’m proud to say no I haven’t its all thanks to the EWO formula. I’m stronger, healthier, my endurance is unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’m extremely happy that I chose my body transformation journey with Exotic Workouts. The journey isn’t over. To be continued…”
– Bubbles

Build confidence, embrace your sensuality all while getting in better shape.

“I decided I did not like what I saw in the mirror anymore and needed to to something about it. I started working out and passed EWO in Sunrise. I wanted to try something different. I started class and then became totally addicted! Shelly and the E.W.O. staff are an incredible! The ladies I have taken class inspire me every day to keep working! There is nothing better than being able to accomplish a new trick or dance move. I have not only watched my body become thinner, but so much stronger. I have lost 50 pounds and started out a size 12 and now wear a size 4. I like this girl in the mirror much better (especially in heels)! Shelly, thank you so much for pushing me, always encouraging me to do more, and making me laugh. The journey has just begun!”
– Cleo

I would like to thank EWO for helping me love me again and giving me life. The weight loss was a plus the first 30 days, but the overall benefit was the energy, self esteem, and the new lease on life is priceless. I owe all this high that I’m on to Kelly Davis, Shelly Murdock and the EWO team. This is not not only a workout, but also fun and helps you get your sexy back. I love this company and love how they make me feel. I thank you so much that words cannot express it! I am motivated to keep going. I love EWO.
– Cliche’

“EWO has helped me, oh my goodness, it’s helped me in infinite ways! Ever since I was 15 I’ve struggled with eating disorders, depression, and severe anxiety. I feel like I’ve wasted years of my life paralyzed by fear. Fear of change, rejection, and failure as a student, daughter, and mother. I knew that I had to change for my family and when professional medical help didn’t work, I knew I needed a permanent lifestyle change. I forced myself to start taking classes knowing the positive influence it would have on my life and I made the oath to this time stick it out. Now, even I can’t deny my progress. EWO has given me so much self-discipline that I’ve been able to apply in other avenues of my life. I can see myself getting stronger and becoming more secure. I feel like I am no longer debilitated by fear. I feel myself changing for the better for my family and loved ones. I’m finally happy. I’m finally free. I am so excited to continue in my EWO journey and I’m so thankful for this magical beginning.”
– Peaches

“After three years of pole fitness I have seen my body and confidence transform. Pole fitness has given me a fun and artistic way to stay in shape and build confidence. I have become more confident as a pole dancer and as a person. With every new trick, I’ve learned that with time, practice and dedication even the most difficult tricks are conquerable. Shelly and Kelly are amazing instructors with a ton of patience, positivity and professionalism. They have truly pushed me to overcome challenges. Pole fitness at Exotic Workouts has truly made me a more confident woman on the inside and out. I am honored to be chosen as July Student of the Month!”
– Mango




We enjoy teaching women how to unleash their seductive, sexy side. When you leave, we want you to be the very best you – mind, body and spirit. 


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